I Have A Curved Staircase, Can I Still Have A Stairlift Installed?

Every single multi-storey house out there tends to have a stairway so that movement between the floors can be easy. But, things are slightly different in homes that have elderly family members, who do not have the ability to use the stairs. The same holds true for people who are physically challenged, or even those who are ill or have recently suffered from an accident. This is just where stair lifts come into play. Stair lifts, if truth be told, are the perfect option for all those who have issues in moving between the different floors of their homes.

Irrespective of how fit or unfit you are, making your way through curved stairways is definitely one of the hardest things that you would do. Imagine this – if a person who is fit and healthy finds it hard to climb these, how would someone who is ill, or physically challenged be able to do so? However, these are still commonly used by people who think that these give an impressive look and feel to their homes. Now, the good news is that even if you have a curved staircase at your place, you can easily have a curved stair lift installed at your place by an interior decoration company in Dubai to make it easier for the elderly to make their way through the staircase! The best part about these is that they can be installed at your place without you having to worry about making substantial changes to the overall construction of your house!

The benefits of installing curved staircases
A major reason why it would be beneficial for you to have curved staircases installed at your place is that these can easily be customised in such a manner that they would be a perfect match for the curvature of the original staircase. This means that there wouldn’t be a thing for you to worry about in terms of modifying the size or style of your stairway at all. The best part is that these can easily be installed into the inner side of your stairway, so you can actually save up substantially over space by having these installed. Moreover, this way, these wouldn’t even be clearly visible. But, if you want to stay on the more conventional end, you can even have it installed on the outer end.

If truth be told, the installation of curved staircases is highly recommended at homes that have elderly family members, or those who are physically challenged for some reason or the other. It can even be a part of your retail interior design in Dubai to make moving about for disabled customers easier.