What is meant by vehicle maintenance?

The term maintenance means keeping something  in its original and pure form. In mechanical term, vehicle maintenance means a number of maintenance procedures through which the vehicle passes after it has completed certain travelling limit or after a certain time period.

When should the car pass through maintenance service?

The manufacturer of the vehicle decides when it has to be serviced for the sake of maintenance and some of the advance vehicles show the date for the next time they have to be serviced.

People often get confused between the terms engine tuning and engine tune up. Engine tuning is the term that refers to the engine being changed to perform better than the original, while engine tune up at a trusted garage of car service in Abu Dhabi means making engine go as it is but smoothly.

Are these maintenance services recorded somewhere?

Yes, these services are recorded in a service book and they add up to the resale of the car.

On what basis is car maintenance scheduled?

Car maintenance is scheduled on the basis of different factors like the model of the car, its making, driving conditions, year and driver’s behaviour. Not only this but it also depends on other factors like on the basis of heavy load/the type of load the car has carried, distance of cruising, whether it has travelled on mountainous or dusty roads  and weather conditions like if the weather is extremely hot or if its extremely cold and it also depends on the number of trips one has made.

Tasks required in maintenance service

There are so many  tasks that need to be performed during the maintenance service some of the tasks are changing of engine oil, air filter, oil filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, AC or cabin filter, refilling of brake fluid, check brake pads or liners, discs,drums, brakes, coolant hoses, checking battery and charging systems, power steering oil, grease or lubricate components, check level of transmission fluid and refill if needed, check if the lights are properly working, condition of tyres, timing, belt timing, belt chain, reading of trouble code. Go here for further details in this regard.