Why is it good to bust myths before starting your online bakery?

Home banking firms are extremely intriguing and come in ALL shapes and sizes! For 6 years now, I’ve had my own prosperous home baking company and I’ve enjoyed it almost every second.

Every career has its ups and downs (whether you work for yourself or not), but I’m SO incredibly thankful for my little home based store to order cake online Dubai.

In particular, over the last year, I have learned that so many passionate bakers have potential, but because of FEAR, they don’t follow their passion/dream of getting a FULL TIME Home Bakery…

At an institution, you ought to have taken some sort of entrepreneurship/business courses. And then also this conviction that for costly kitchen appliances, branding, packaging, ads etc., you need heaps of capital

MYTH # 1: For your home baking goods, you need to study structured pastry/chef courses to be “GOOD enough” to market them.

In culture, there is this old mind-set still hanging on that makes life and progress very challenging. It’s the idea that before you can work in a certain field, you need to formally train to get some kind of certification.

Any new shortcuts (like short courses) have been developed over time, which help to condense the learning experience into a shorter amount of time.

MYTH #2: For your home baking company to be profitable, you must formally study business/entrepreneurship.

Again, mates of mine, this is another moment. The online community has opened up doors for all of us to learn almost every talent and succeed at it. You don’t need to study a rigorous, costly course of business for your Home Baking Business to thrive. TO Everything.

The web is completely TEEMING with internet entrepreneurs & business coaches who, for FREE, send out a WEALTH of knowledge.

From these peeps, I have learned everything I need to. Even though they never talk about baking, their free stuff made me a smart entrepreneur with a thriving Home Baking Company.

Myth #3: For your home baking company to flourish, you need to be a master of fondant, sugar art and themed designs.

This is where I feel really Genuinely feisty now.

I’m part of a few baking Facebook groups, as any “normal” baking nerd would do. On these groups you usually see folks sharing these Beautiful wedding cakes with mountains of fondant work, sugar flowers and modelling chocolate details… They are works of art.

One day, in one category of the types of cakes I make, I posted a photo. A carrot cake, rustic, purist, cleanly presented. Order birthday cake online Dubai at best rates from your favourite cake shop.