A Look at Glass Scratch Repair

Glass is a widely used material, and you can find it on smartphones, windows, tables, windows, cups, etc. However, most glass surfaces tend to get scratches which are quite unsightly. So, in this article, we will look at a few glass scratch repair tips that you can use to make any glass surface look brand new.

The first method we will look at is using toothpaste. The first step is to clean the glass using water and a clean cloth. Make sure that the glass is completely dry before you proceed. Next, you will need a microfiber cloth which has to be dampened with water. You will need to squeeze this cloth until no more water comes out from it. Next, place a small amount of toothpaste unto the cloth, a small dot of toothpaste will do. It is best to use white toothpaste, and if it has baking soda in it, it will work even better. Then, you use the cloth to apply the toothpaste on the scratch and rub it into the scratch in a circular motion for about 30 – 40 seconds. Once this is finished, you should look at the scratch to see it’s a current state. If it is still visible, add another dot of toothpaste to the cloth and repeat. Then, you can clean off the glass with a fresh towel and water, and the scratch should be gone.

Another method is using baking soda. You should mix equal amounts of baking soda and water and then apply it to the scratch with a clean microfiber cloth. Rub the baking soda paste into the scratch in a circular motion so that you slowly buff out the scratch. Once the scratch is gone, clean off the glass with water and a clean cloth.

In summary, we have just looked at two glass scratch repair methods. There are many more, so be sure to continue researching and learning so you can know the many different ways to repair a glass scratch.