How to Ignite Fire in Your Stove

You can start a fire anywhere with the right steps and instructions. Stoves can be lit using various methods. One can utilize the space and ventilation, known as the traditional way or use the Scandinavian method, which will be written in detail. The conventional method creates a lot of smoke and might not be favorable. The Scandinavian process creates less smoke as it burns downwards. You do not always need to use gas fires in Stockport, sometimes all you need is enough logs, proper kindling, and your stove. Here is how to start a fire in your stove using the Scandinavian method.


Step One

Lie your logs at the bottom of the stove longitudinally. Make sure you put the bigger ones at the bottom. Allow space for air to pass through without log interference.


Step Two

Arrange your kindlings in a criss-cross manner, creating a pyramid. Ensure that the fire starters are on top of this pyramid.


Step Three

After making sure the air controls are open, you can light your stove.


The Scandinavian method is more favorable to the traditional way as it produces less smoke. Unlike the conventional way which burns upwards, the Scandinavian style ensures that your fire burns downwards, releasing minimal smoke. The fie in the Scandinavian method is also evenly spaced out, and there is enough air circulation in the criss-cross set up. With this method, you can use more logs; this helps you work less as you do not have to add logs to your fire continuously. Wood burning stoves are excellent for heat production and aesthetics in your home, pub or restaurant. Choosing the right methods for your light also depends on where your stove is set up.


When starting a fire in your stove, ensure you have all the necessary steps ready and do not do anything that might further endanger you. It is vital to seek help for the first time. Do not keep the logs close to your stove in case of an accident. Igniting a fire in your stove is easy, and these techniques will help you.