Look Beyond The Pricing When Hiring NYC Dog Walkers

NYC dog walkers are at your service. This city is enormous, so you want to hire a highly-rated professional that isn’t far away. It’s also important that you find someone that can operate on your schedule. How many days of the week do you need this service? Do you need your dog walked once or twice a day?


Each day you choose to employ an NYC dog walker is going to cost you between $15 and $20 per session. That average price quote is for a 20-minute walk, and it moves higher if you choose someone that provides 30-minute walks.


You’re not just looking at price, however, as you want to see how a company does business. For example, you want to know what types of treats are offered, and if the NYC dog walker uses biodegradable waste bags. These extras are essential because they mean the dog walking service is serious about the way they do business with their clientele.

The best NYC dog walkers claim to be environmentally friendly all the way around. Keep that in mind. You will also likely have questions about the route, pickup, socialization, and more. You’re new to this type of service, and you want to know your dog is going to have fun and be in the hands of someone you can trust.


The best professional dog walkers are often licensed and bonded. You want to keep that in mind as well. Your dog should be well supervised, and the person responsible should be organized and show up in a timely fashion. How a service handles this type of responsibility speaks volumes, so you want to take to reviews to see what other clients have personally said about different dog walkers in your area. Be sure your furry friend is going to enjoy this treat each day.