Why you should avoid in-house AV Aids

The idea of using the already facilitated Audio Visual aids in a hotel or in-house conference room may sound tempting but there are some pretty convincing reasons as to why you should avoid them and use something else or maybe an outside AV.

Access to latest Tech

If you choose exhibition stand contractors Dubai, they can help you in delivering the latest technology from an audio visual company which means you get a wide access to all sorts of models and tech advancements and choose what fits best for you and serves all your needs.

Even if you don’t want the latest technology you can still get a little older version in much less rates than what the hotel and in-house services are offering you as they keep a commission in every client they earn.

Your personal Tech

If you decide not to use the in-house technician facilities provided then it can be in your favour. As there are several on site meetings and conferences taking place which means that an individual attention will be divided and you may run late. Where as if you choose to hire your personal technician he will be there and make sure that all your needs are taken care of and they are there when their services are needed instead of running between conference rooms to provide all of the meetings taking place.

Last minute changes

Though it is very rare but still sometimes there is a need of such gear which is not available on site only found with outside AV providers. In such cases, your presentation will either be hanging on the mercy of already provided equipment or simply you will have to continue without any resources which will simply lack the performance and outcome of presentation as you may have thought for to happen.

An outside AV company will have several options and budgeting to choose from which will help you in providing the best results and presentation without any last minute worries.

Although, to prevent all these situations we recommend you to prepare everything beforehand and not procrastinate or delay the preps as this presentation can become your life’s most important presentation than you would have thought. So stop running around fixing problems and focus on giving your 100%.