Why you should never throw away baby teeth

When it comes to baby teeth, we often think that leaving things with the tooth fairy is the best option but this shouldn’t be the case. Dentists say that parents can expect their children’s mouth to prepare for adult teeth by letting go off baby tooth by the age of six. While most of us think it is not something very significant, the research suggests something else. Baby teeth are something more than you would expect it to be, let’s find out how and why:

While the earlier researches suggested that looking at your child’s broken off baby tooth you can tell if the child is or will develop autism in the future. But the new research suggests something different. Researchers believe that baby tooth contain stem cells which are also found in umbilical cord when a child is born and can be used to treat several different diseases and cure them.

Stem cells found in the baby teeth is very unique and can live longer than the ones found in adult teeth and this is why they grow quicker in culture and have other potentials. With these stem cells researchers believe that they can cure damaged teeth, regenerate the bone or even neutralize the injury on it.

This all study came into being when a doctor saw his six year old lose teeth. Just for fun he tried to examine the teeth and found some red coloured tissues in there. He immediately took the tooth to laboratory and examined it further by keeping it in a liquid medium. He then tried to extract the pulp and saw the stem cells which gave birth to many further research topics as the stem cells could now be saved and the umbilical cord was not the only option.

Even if the research is still ongoing we can still not ignore the amazing benefits of stem cells which one will be able to enjoy. May be all your tooth aches will be cured from now on and you will not need a dental implant clinic Dubai to get a fake tooth, but until then take full advantage of implants as they are also something very amazing which could be potentially saving your life as it would allow you to devour all the foods which you have ever wanted.

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