Things all firefighters should carry with them

Being a firefighter is certainly a prestigious and worth appreciating thing but the dilemma associated with it is not at all easy to handle for anyone. Once you talk to any firefighter you will realize that how much mental and physical strain one has to suffer on a regular basis in this profession. Therefore, if you are thinking to try your luck in this profession then, you must think multiple times before making a final decision. However, those who have stepped in this challenging and demanding profession must know that there are some measures that you have to take in order to avoid hassle and trouble. One of the significant measures that every firefighter must take is to carry equipment with him to ensure his safety and protection.


Besides contacting high-pressure hose suppliers in UAE, firefighters must ensure that they have other equipment also to save themselves as well to extinguish the fire.  However, some of the important things that every firefighter must carry with him are mentioned in this article. Thus, whether you are in a state of rush or not you must never forget to carry the things mentioned below because reaching anywhere without tools and equipment will not enable you to extinguish the fire.


Medical gloves and flashlight:

As a firefighter, you must know that saving other people is important for you but paying attention to your safety is also significant for you. Therefore, you must carry medical gloves with you because it can prevent your hands from getting burnt or injury. For this reason, you must pay never forget to keep medical gloves with you while going for work. However, fire is more likely to ruin complete building; therefore, besides medical gloves flashlight is also important for helping people as you will not be able to see things without a flashlight.


Dust mask:

The fire smoke is unbearable and the most irritating thing that can cause severe asthma to the individuals. However, if you are a firefighter then, it is certainly mandatory for you to take a dust mast with you while going on a mission of extinguishing the fire or rescuing people.  Without dust mask, you will not be able to breathe properly that will certainly hinder your performance to a great extent. Therefore, besides the FM 200 suppression system a firefighter must also carry dust mask and other essential things with him to control the fire.